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    ForexSignals Free Trial

    What is ForexSignals?

    Nick McDonald founded ForexSignals on May 1st, 2012, with the goal of creating a transparent and inclusive platform for traders to interact and learn from each other. Nick's journey into forex trading began with his fascination for stories of average individuals achieving substantial financial gains in a short period. He embarked on a path of learning by reading books, attending seminars, hiring mentors, and dedicating himself to becoming a successful trader. Throughout his journey, he faced both successes and failures, doubling some trading accounts and blowing others.

    During this process, Nick recognized the absence of a trading room where traders could discuss the markets, learn from each other, and benefit from shared experiences. Determined to address this gap, Nick enlisted a team of Indian designers and developers to create a user-friendly and functional trading platform.

    After encountering multiple challenges with various contractors, Nick crossed paths with Will Thomas, who later became his business partner. Will, an adept developer, registered for the trading room and immediately clicked with Nick. In December 2012, they formed a partnership with a shared vision of building the best forex website and online trading room worldwide.

    Since its inception, ForexSignals has garnered over 500,000 registered members and grown to include 40 full-time staff members, along with a team of four mentors who contribute to the trading room and provide daily education to clients. Despite being spread across different continents, the team remains united in their commitment to their clients and their mission.

    ForexSignals focuses on problem-solving rather than merely selling trading products. The platform aims to transform the trading landscape, which has historically been complex and opaque, into something transparent, accessible, and inclusive. The team strives to make a positive impact, improve people's lives through forex trading, and build a collaborative trade room that caters to the needs of traders from all walks of life.

    The ForexSignals community, spread across 20 countries, plays an essential role in suggesting features, testing the platform, and providing continuous feedback. This collaborative approach ensures that the platform evolves based on the preferences and requirements of its users.

    As of now, the ForexSignals team consists of over 40 individuals from various corners of the world, all working together to create a trading environment that empowers traders and fosters a sense of community.

    For those interested in exploring ForexSignals, the platform offers a free trial that allows users to experience its features and benefits firsthand.

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