How to Find Unclaimed Airdrops: Easy Method

With the rising popularity of crypto, more and more people want to own a nice and varied basket of potentially life-changing cryptocurrencies, with that in mind, who wouldn't want to get their hands on some free crypto? Too good to be true? Nope! If you ever heard of airdrops, you know that getting free crypto is not that hard, if you've never heard of airdrops, keep reading and we'll let you know what they are, and how to find unclaimed airdrops thanks to a popular platform called Earnifi!

Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

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    How To Find Unclaimed Airdrops

    What Is a Crypto Airdrop?

    Airdrops are one of the most popular tactics used by cryptocurrency and NFT projects wanting to get some attention on their projects.

    A crypto airdrop is the distribution of coins or tokens to crypto wallets, free of charge, directly from a project.

    Some generate attention to an upcoming project, others allow for the development of an existing platform and some reward users.

    There are various types of airdrops, let's take a look at some of them.

    Standard or bounty airdrops aim at getting more attention to the project.

    Standard Airdrops typically do not require you to hold any coins or tokens to be eligible – which makes sense, since they are generally used by new or unknown projects. All you need is a crypto public address for the tokens to be deposited.

    Exclusive airdrops are an avenue for developing an existing ecosystem, something that’s particularly relevant among the emerging swathe of NFT communities, where storytelling is key to the success of the collection.

    Governance Tokens go beyond simply being stores of value as they also endow the holder with the right to vote on key decisions for the project.

    Introducing Earnifi

    Hiding out there are millions of dollars in airdrops. Before Earnifi, these airdrops went unclaimed and many expired forever.

    Hundreds of people find money on Earnifi every day. Protocols sending out airdrops want you to claim their tokens. With Earnifi you can simply enter your address and find out instantly if you have airdrops waiting.

    New projects often distribute tokens in an airdrop. And most airdrops have an expiration date after which you lose the opportunity forever. Earnifi solves this by showing you what airdrops your addresses match before it's too late.

    Earnifi Main Features

    Some of the most exciting features about Earnifi include:

    • A live, automated Research Platform that aggregates data on over 1,600 crypto assets searching for available airdrops across over 88 protocols
    • A dynamic Multichain Engine that scans customers’ Ethereum wallets across 5+ chains and all major layer-2s to generate custom tracking for all airdrops available specifically to them.
    • An email notification system to notify users of claimable rewards with over 215,000 addresses subscribed.
    • Notified users of over $140 million in USD of claimable airdrops over the last 18 months.
    • Full listing and notification integration with POAP.
    • Live decentralized notification partnership with Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS).

    Earnifi Pricing

    Earnifi offers a free subscription plan and a paid subscription plan, let's take a look at both of them and what each one of them includes.

    Earnifi Free - $0/Month

    • Basic airdrops (Currently UNI, 1INCH, COMP, COMBO, ROBOT, & CRV)
    • Watch up to two addresses
    • Email alerts for basic airdrops
    • Reminders to renew your ENS names

    Earnifi Premium - $21/Month

    • Premium & basic assets (reveals the "?" airdrops)
    • Watch 10 addresses
    • Email alerts for Premium & basic airdrops
    • Upcoming airdrop recommendations on
    • Auto-claim new POAPs
    • An elite POAP (when you stay for 3+ months)
    • No Ads
    • Reminders to renew your ENS names


    Very few people would pass on the opportunity of getting their hands on some free crypto, and as much as the idea sounds too good to be true, the fact is that thanks to events like airdrops, getting free crypto is a reality easily achievable!

    On top of that, many unclaimed airdrops go unnoticed every day and end up never being claimed, therefore, keeping an eye out for these opportunities is highly recommendable.

    Thanks to Earnifi, the hard work of finding all these unclaimed airdrops is cut short! And the best part is that you can get started for free today, simply follow the link below and sign up for a free Earnifi subscription plan or get the extra benefits with an Earnifi Premium subscription!

    How To Find Unclaimed Airdrops
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