ExpressVPN Review: Is It Worth It?

In this ExpressVPN review, we will be examining whether or not ExpressVPN is worth your money.

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    Background and History

    In the early days of the internet age, the landscape was characterized by boundless possibilities, akin to a digital Wild West where freedom and openness reigned supreme. However, as time progressed, this utopian vision gradually gave way to a terrain where control over the online world slipped from the collective grasp. Digital freedoms, once considered unassailable, found themselves under the watchful eyes of corporations, governments, and nefarious hackers. The very sense of individual empowerment that had defined the internet began to erode.

    ExpressVPN emerged on the scene with a mission to rekindle the fading flame of online autonomy, offering a tangible path to reclaim control in a digital era marred by surveillance, manipulation, and restrictions. The company's dedication lies in ensuring that the task of safeguarding one's privacy and security becomes an accessible and effortless endeavor, regardless of one's technical expertise. In an era where every facet of human lives is progressively digitized, ExpressVPN firmly believes that the preservation of online rights and freedoms for all individuals has never been more imperative.

    Today, ExpressVPN stands tall as a beacon of hope, empowering millions of users across more than 180 countries to regain access to the unfettered and open internet. The company remains resolute in its commitment to facilitate online experiences that are not only liberated but also shielded from prying eyes, thereby ensuring that the digital realm continues to be a place where individuals possess the power to shape their online destinies with both security and privacy intact.

    Advanced Features

    VPN Split Tunneling: ExpressVPN offers users the power of choice through its Split Tunneling feature. This functionality empowers individuals to selectively divert specific device or application traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, all while permitting other traffic to access the internet directly. This flexibility guarantees that online activities remain secure while accommodating preferred levels of accessibility.

    Network Lock - A Shield of Reliability: Network Lock, akin to a digital fortress, stands as the ultimate safeguard in the ExpressVPN arsenal. In the event of an unexpected VPN connection drop, Network Lock springs into action, promptly blocking all internet traffic until full protection is reinstated. Be it a flicker of lights, a change in Wi-Fi networks, or a device entering sleep mode, ExpressVPN's unwavering privacy and security defenses remain at the user's service. Network Lock is a standard feature within the ExpressVPN applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, and compatible routers.

    Private DNS for Enhanced Privacy: ExpressVPN goes the extra mile in safeguarding online privacy by implementing its encrypted DNS on each VPN server. This proactive measure not only secures internet traffic but also shields DNS queries from prying eyes.

    Unwavering VPN Encryption: Crafting robust VPN encryption is a daunting endeavor, grounded in the application of advanced mathematical principles. ExpressVPN adheres to the highest standards, employing potent encryption methods to bolster the protection of user data and communications.

    Anonymous VPN Protection: At the core of ExpressVPN's mission lies a commitment to empower users to navigate the internet with the utmost privacy and security. ExpressVPN distinguishes itself through transparency, providing clarity regarding the information it collects and, notably, the information it does not. With ExpressVPN, online activities leave no trace, as the service retains no activity logs or connection logs. Furthermore, ExpressVPN invites independent auditors and testers to meticulously scrutinize its privacy policy and technology, ensuring that user trust is well-placed. Security isn't just a commitment—it's a way of life with ExpressVPN.

    Educational Features

    At its core, ExpressVPN stands as the guardian of users' privacy. Trust is the foundation of ExpressVPN's existence, and users place their faith in the company to safeguard their privacy through an unparalleled blend of cutting-edge hardware, innovative software, and human expertise. But instead of relying simply on trust, ExpressVPN incentivizes its users to educated themselves through various educational features.

    Speed Test - Empowering the Connection: Tired of relying on guesswork? With the ExpressVPN Speed Test, users can demystify the speed of their high-velocity VPN server connections. This invaluable tool allows users to gauge the performance of their VPN server connections, ensuring they seamlessly connect to the optimal VPN server location tailored just for them.

    Public Wi-Fi Safety - Shielding Users Everywhere: The allure of public Wi-Fi at hotels, airports, and cafes often masks real privacy and security threats. ExpressVPN becomes the stalwart protector, even in the face of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, ensuring users' safety wherever they roam.

    Privacy Guides - The Path to Anonymity: Reclaiming online privacy and anonymity is not an esoteric endeavor for ExpressVPN's users. The treasure trove of tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions empowers users to take control of their digital privacy destiny. Users can explore the Privacy Guides, their roadmap to a more secure and private online existence.

    Subscription Plans

    ExpressVPN offers three different plans:

    ExpressVPN Monthly Plan

    ExpressVPN 6-Month Plan

    ExpressVPN 1-Year Plan


    As we've said, ExpressVPN offers three different plans.

    With the current ExpressVPN discount, this is how much you'll be saving.

    ExpressVPN Monthly Plan

    The ExpressVPN Monthly Plan costs $12.95 and you won't enjoy any discount if you choose this option.

    ExpressVPN 6 Month Plan

    If you get the ExpressVPN 6 Month Plan you'll be enjoying a 23% discount OFF its retail price, instead of paying $12.95 per month, you'll pay $9.99 per month, you'll be billed $59.94 every six months.

    ExpressVPN 1 Year Plan + 3 Months Offer

    If you get the ExpressVPN 1 Year Plan you'll be enjoying the best discount by getting 49% OFF its retail price, instead of paying $12.95 per month, you'll pay $6.67 per month, you'll be billed $99.95 for the first 15 months and $99.95 every year after those first 15 months.

    ExpressVPN Pros & Cons

    ExpressVPN: Pros

    • Very fast speeds
    • Large server locations
    • 100% Zero Logging
    • Enterprise Level Encryption

    ExpressVPN: Cons

    • Expensive when compared to other VPN services
    • Can only connect 5 devices at a time

    ExpressVPN Review: Verdict

    The overwhelming buzz surrounding ExpressVPN isn't a fluke; it truly stands a solid VPN provider.

    ExpressVPN's speed and extensive server network leave many competitors in the dust. However, the only caveat to this excellence is its price point. Admittedly, being one of the best does come at a premium. In comparison to other VPN providers, ExpressVPN falls on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Nevertheless, if you possess the means, investing $99.95 per year in ExpressVPN is a choice we wholeheartedly recommend.

    Opting for the ExpressVPN 1 Year plan undoubtedly delivers the best bang for your buck. Priced at $99.95 for the year plus an additional three months, this option slashes your expenses by a substantial 49% when contrasted with the ExpressVPN Monthly plan.

    For those seeking the most up-to-date ExpressVPN discount, a simple click on the link below will provide you with the latest savings opportunities! Your online security and privacy are worth the investment.

    • Overall Score

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