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Are you wondering how the Epidemic Sound Clearing Invitations feature works? Keep reading!

At Epidemic Sound nothing is left to chance when it comes to licensing and clearing. That’s why Commercial Plan subscribers can clear videos published by others for whom they’ve produced videos featuring music from Epidemic Sound, protecting them from claims. It’s a popular feature, and it's been further improved. Introducing: Clearing Invitations!

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    Epidemic Sound Clearing Invitations


    In the realm of video creation for clients, those subscribed to the Commercial Plan wield a unique power – the ability to safeguard their clients against the clutches of copyright claims. This is achieved through the act of personally clearing videos on behalf of the clients, serving as a robust shield against the perils of copyright conflicts. A truly commendable feature, indeed.

    Yet, in the expansive landscape of industrious freelancers, a different challenge presents itself – the task of accumulating numerous links from a variety of clients, followed by the seemingly endless cycle of copying and pasting. A process that, though necessary, demands time and effort.

    Ali Dhaanto, King Sis, Tyra Chantey, Jontha Links, and a host of other remarkable names share a common thread – their role in birthing some of the finest melodies that graced Epidemic Sound’s musical treasury in 2020.

    Yearning to relish these auditory marvels? Don't hesitate – a single click on the link below will transport you to a collection of last year's most illustrious tracks, ready to captivate your senses once more.

    What’s new?

    For Commercial Plan subscribers who want to provide their clients with the ability to clear their published video themselves, Epidemic Sound is introducing ‘Clearing Invitations'! No more waiting for clients to publish their videos, and no more having to ask them for all those links.

    How does it work?

    When logged in, click ‘Me’ in the top right corner, then go to ‘Account‘ and choose ‘Clear videos’. There you’ll find the tab ‘Clearing Invitations’. Click it, and then click ‘Create invitation’ in the bottom right corner. You’ll get to name the video project that you want the client to be able to clear videos for. It’s recommended that you choose a title that clearly corresponds to the project, so the client will recognize it when you share it with them.

    Epidemic Sound Clearing Invitations 2

    You then get a link that you can share with the client in any channel of communication – email, text, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Once the client clicks the link, they will be able to add the link to their published video themselves, and Epidemic Sound clears it for them. The client will be able to use the link to clear videos for 30 days, starting on the day the link was created. The client can clear a maximum amount of five videos using one link.

    When the client has cleared the video(s) using the link you provided them with, you can see and confirm that it’s cleared by clicking the ‘Clearing Invitations’ tab on the ‘Clear videos’ page. There you can see how many videos are cleared per link, whether the link is active or expired, and of course, also find the link itself to copy and share again. You can copy, paste and open the link yourself to see what videos have been cleared by the client using that link.

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