Envato Elements Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Envato Elements review, we will be examining whether or not the Envato Elements subscription is worth your money.

Envato Elements is a stock media subscription offering a monthly and annual subscription for stock images, stock music, stock audio effects, and stock images.

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    Background And History

    Envato Elements is a freelance designer or multimedia creator's subscription founded in December 2016. New features and resources are constantly added to the Envato Elements library. Let's look at some of the main features included with this subscription.

    Envato Elements is a creative haven that goes beyond the conventional by offering unlimited downloads for a single, straightforward fee. Here, the focus is on your creative prowess, not on keeping track of credits or managing download restrictions. The mantra is simple: break free from boundaries and dive into experimentation with a world of assets at your fingertips.

    What sets Envato Elements apart is its vibrant ecosystem powered by a dynamic community of independent designers. A steady stream of exceptional, top-tier assets is made possible through the dedication of these passionate creators. The platform recognizes that you deserve consistent, high-quality, and distinctive resources for your projects, and tapping into the enthusiasm of these designers ensures just that.

    Navigating the intricacies of licenses can be a daunting task, but Envato Elements simplifies it all with one comprehensive commercial license that covers all content. This means you can breathe easy, knowing you have broad commercial rights across the spectrum of items. The clarity and simplicity of this licensing structure empower you to integrate these assets into your projects with absolute confidence.

    Envato Elements embraces a fair revenue-sharing philosophy that fosters a symbiotic relationship between the community and the platform. With a conviction that their success is intrinsically linked to the community's achievements, Envato Elements pioneers a progressive approach to revenue sharing. A significant 50% of net revenue is channeled back to the creators, forging a tangible connection between their creative endeavors and their livelihood. This approach is underscored by the innovative use of subscriber share, aligning interests and fostering a more equitable ecosystem.


    Envato elements grants you access to huge libraries of content, this content is constantly updated and new assets are regularly added, as a reference, you can check out how many assets are currently available at the times of writing.

    • 1,975,698 Stock Footage Clips
    • 260,590 Motion Graphics
    • 106,371 Audio Tracks
    • 581,621 Sound Effects
    • 177,000 Graphic Templates
    • 71,732 Graphics
    • 3,824,513 Photos


    Envato Elements cuts through the licensing labyrinth with a refreshingly straightforward approach.

    Every item within the realm of Envato Elements adheres to the same simple licensing terms. The clarity here is paramount: you gain comprehensive commercial rights, instilling unwavering confidence whether you're working on professional projects or pursuing your personal creative endeavors.

    The system here is intuitive and accommodating. Upon downloading an item, you secure an ongoing license for a specific use. Need to use the item again for another project? No sweat. Just revisit your downloads, re-register it for the new end-use, and you're good to go. This adaptability mirrors the fluidity of your creative process.

    What's truly impressive is the future-proofing aspect of their licensing. Even if you decide to part ways with your subscription, any prior uses that you've registered remain covered. It's a safeguard that grants you peace of mind, knowing that your past creations retain their licensing integrity.

    Envato Elements is all about setting clear boundaries, and this extends to what's not allowed. While the platform fosters creativity, there are logical limitations in place. For instance, re-selling or redistributing items is a no-go. Similarly, using items in on-demand services or as foundational elements for merchandising is off the table. The guidelines maintain the integrity of the platform and the content creators while ensuring the best experience for users.

    It's worth noting that the licensing landscape evolves with each context. Music items, for instance, cannot be used in a broadcast presentation. These guidelines align with the platform's commitment to transparency and fair use, making Envato Elements a sanctuary where creativity thrives within well-defined boundaries.

    Envato Tuts+

    Envato Tuts+ stands as a dynamic platform that goes beyond the traditional paradigms of education. It's a repository of transformative learning experiences that empowers you with creative and technical prowess.

    Diversifying its offerings, Tuts+ encompasses a range of mediums—video courses, eBooks, and written tutorials. This multi-dimensional approach ensures that regardless of your learning preference, you can immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge tailored to your style.

    Nestled within Envato's vibrant creative ecosystem, Tuts+ embodies the ethos of their larger mission: "helping people learn and earn online." This isn't just about acquiring skills; it's about metamorphosis. The platform is a conduit for individuals to harness creative talents, reinvent themselves, and reshape their trajectories.

    It's a breathtaking sight for the Envato team to witness individuals embarking on a journey of transformation. The spark of learning ignites a chain reaction, guiding individuals to turn their newfound skills into tangible creations or services. This journey, sparked by Tuts+, amplifies the potential for people to earn and flourish within the digital realm.

    While creative skills might seem like exclusive territory for those in artistic professions, Tuts+ challenges this notion. The platform recognizes that a life enriched by regular doses of creativity is a life well-lived. Whether creativity is your livelihood or not, honing these skills offers benefits that cascade across every facet of existence.

    Engaging in the act of learning and applying creativity isn't just about the immediate outcome; it's a long-term investment. It's a celebration of the here and now, while simultaneously seeding the future. Tuts+ embodies the philosophy that education isn't just about acquiring knowledge—it's about transformation, empowerment, and embracing a journey of perpetual growth.

    Subscription Plan

    In the realm of creative resources, Envato Elements offers a refreshingly straightforward subscription model. When choosing between a monthly or annual plan, there's no intricate maze of features to navigate—both options deliver the same extensive content library. This uncluttered approach not only saves time but eliminates confusion, ensuring subscribers can focus on what truly matters: their creative projects.

    For those fostering collaboration or commanding a larger creative team, Envato Elements extends a helping hand with the Enterprise plan. This tailored offering caters to the needs of groups, recognizing that creative endeavors often thrive on collective expertise.

    The range of resources available on Envato Elements is nothing short of impressive, covering an impressive array of creative domains. From video templates that streamline production processes to stock video footage that adds depth to visual narratives, the platform's offerings are as diverse as they are expansive.

    Whether you're searching for that perfect music track to set the tone or eye-catching graphic templates to elevate your design, the depth of resources is undeniable. Additionally, the inclusion of fonts, add-ons, presentation templates, and even three-dimensional assets solidifies the platform's commitment to providing a comprehensive creative toolkit.

    As someone who values simplicity and efficiency, I appreciate Envato Elements' no-nonsense approach. It’s evident that their emphasis lies in empowering creatives, and this ethos is reflected in the content they curate. Whether you're an individual honing your craft or part of a larger creative ensemble, Envato Elements stands as a dependable partner on your creative journey.


    As we've said, Envato Elements only offers one plan, the difference is that you can choose to pay on a monthly basis or on an annual basis.

    If you choose to pay for Envato on an annual basis, you'll be saving 50% OFF what you'd pay on a monthly basis, this amounts to a total saving of $198 per year.

    In this Envato Review, we'll now take a look at pricing.

    Envato Elements (Monthly)

    If you choose to subscribe to Envato Elements on a monthly basis, you'll pay $33 per month, this amounts to $396 per year. 

    Envato Elements (Annual)

    If you choose to subscribe to Envato Elements on an annual basis you will get a 50% discount, you'll pay $16.50 per month, this amounts to $198 per year.

    Envato Elements Pros & Cons

    Envato Elements: Pros

    • Unlimited projects
    • Fair pricing
    • Huge library
    • Many different content categories

    Envato Elements: Cons

    • Some of the content isn't great
    • Customer support needs improvement
    • Usability needs improvement

    Envato Elements Review: Verdict

    After our Envato Elements Review, we found that Envato Elements is definitely worth your money, the amount of different content that you get is absolutely unbeatable, especially when you consider the pricing.

    Some of the content quality isn't great, the platform needs some improvement, and customer support is one of Envato Elements' weaknesses.

    All that being said, when you compare Envato Elements to other similar stock media subscription-based platforms, we believe Envato Elements is the best choice when you consider its overall value for money.

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