DYOR: Crypto Fundamental #1 (2022)

DYOR: Crypto Fundamental #1

DYOR: Crypto Fnudamental #1

DYOR - Do Your Own Research! If you've been delving into the crypto world, you've surely read the acronym and heard the motto more times than you can remember! But how can you do your own research? What does DYOR really mean? In this article, we'll go over how you can go about doing your own research and we'll talk about a valuable tool that can help you do it!

DYOR Crypto

DYOR: Crypto Fundamental #1 - What is it?

In the Digital Age, expertise has actually never ever been so easily accessible. With this access comes a fundamental danger of false information. This is seldom much more obvious than with cryptocurrency..

It's more crucial than ever before to comprehend what you're purchasing and also to stay up to date with what's taking place. With all the false information available, however, is this actually feasible? Just how can any person - specifically those going into crypto for the very first time - understand what to think?

First of all, doing your own research means asking questions like the following:

  • What function does the cryptocurrency perform?
  • Why does it perform this function?
  • Does the cryptocurrency have a future?
  • Is there a better alternative out there?

Doing this research on your own is not an easy task, thankfully, there are some trusted services that can help you achieve this, one of those services is, in our opinion, Token Metrics.

DYOR: Crypto Fundamental #1 - DYOR with Token Metrics

At Token Metrics, the team takes the time to thoroughly research these questions and provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

There are 3 main categories the Token Metrics team focuses on: Fundamentals, Technology, and Technical Analysis.

The score for each category contains many data points that are then converted to become the Fundamentals, Technology, and TA scores – ultimately, the team combines all of these into the overall Token Metrics grade.

The team started Token Metrics to make the crypto space more accessible and easier to navigate for everyone.

For more on how to research cryptocurrencies to grow your portfolio, refer to the below video featuring our Founder and CEO, Ian Balina.

We are a Token Metrics Partner and receive a commission for purchases made through links in this post.

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