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    Dashlane Plans

    Dashlane is a prominent name in the realm of password management and digital identity protection. With a mission to simplify and secure the digital lives of individuals and businesses, Dashlane offers an array of tools and features designed to enhance online security while streamlining user experiences.

    At its core, Dashlane excels in helping users manage their passwords effectively. With the increasing number of online accounts, remembering and safeguarding passwords can become overwhelming. Dashlane's password manager enables users to generate strong, unique passwords, store them securely, and auto-fill them across websites and apps. This not only reduces the risk of data breaches due to weak passwords but also eliminates the hassle of memorizing or retrieving them.

    One of Dashlane's standout features is its digital wallet functionality. Users can securely store credit card information and payment details, allowing for quick and secure online transactions. The ability to autofill payment information not only enhances convenience but also minimizes the exposure of sensitive financial data.

    Moreover, Dashlane goes beyond just password management. It offers a suite of tools to safeguard users' digital identities. Its VPN protection ensures encrypted internet connections, shielding users from potential cyber threats while browsing on public networks. Dark web monitoring keeps a vigilant eye on compromised personal data, alerting users to any potential breaches.

    Dashlane's offerings extend to both individual users and businesses. For individuals, the range of plans caters to various needs, from basic password management to comprehensive identity protection. Businesses can leverage Dashlane's solutions to enhance cybersecurity for their teams, ensuring secure access to company accounts and data.

    The user-friendly interface and cross-device compatibility make Dashlane accessible and convenient for a broad audience. The password manager seamlessly integrates into web browsers and mobile apps, making it effortless to manage and secure digital identities across different platforms.

    In a digital landscape where cyber threats and data breaches are a constant concern, Dashlane stands out as a reliable partner in bolstering online security. By simplifying password management and offering advanced identity protection features, Dashlane empowers individuals and businesses to navigate the digital world confidently and securely.

    Dashlane offers seven different subscription plans, you can choose between three different Individual Plans, two different Family Plans, and two different Business Plans.

    If you use the Dashlane Promo Code you'll get 50% OFF the Individual Plans, this means a total saving of up to $60.

    You can also get a 1-month Dashlane Free Trial on any Business Plan.

    Dashlane Individual Free

    Total Savings: $0

    Dashlane Individual Premium

    Total Savings: $30 (50% OFF)

    $59.99/yr $29.99/yr
    Dashlane Individual Premium Plus

    Total Savings: $60 (50% OFF)

    $119.99/yr $59.99/yr
    Dashlane Family Premium

    Total Savings: $0

    Dashlane Family Premium Plus

    Total Savings: $0


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