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Dashlane Promo Code

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Dashlane Plans

Dashlane offers seven different subscription plans, you can choose between three different Individual Plans, two different Family Plans, and two different Business Plans.

If you use the Dashlane Promo Code you'll get 50% OFF the Individual Plans, this means a total saving of up to $60.

You can also get a 1-month Dashlane Free Trial on any Business Plan.

Dashlane Individual Free

Total Savings: $0

Dashlane Individual Premium

Total Savings: $30 (50% OFF)

$59.99/yr $29.99/yr
Dashlane Individual Premium Plus

Total Savings: $60 (50% OFF)

$119.99/yr $59.99/yr
Dashlane Family Premium

Total Savings: $0

Dashlane Family Premium Plus

Total Savings: $0


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Having a Password Manager is a crucial security tool for anyone who wants to safely browse the internet, if you'd like to get Dashlane and use all its features to keep you safe and secure, use our Dashlane Promo Code and start saving.

Other alternatives include services like Passwarden, and LastPass, fortunately, we have available discounts for all these services.

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