Cloudways Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Cloudways review, we will be examining whether or not Cloudways is worth your money.

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    Cloudways Review

    Background And History

    Cloudways operates as a proficiently managed cloud server service that seamlessly bridges the user's selection of cloud provider with their advanced platform. This integration underscores the company's commitment to rendering server management effortlessly accessible.

    The ethos of Cloudways revolves around the establishment of elevated performance benchmarks. This aspiration is complemented by a resolute dedication to endowing users with unwavering autonomy in their selections, all the while ensuring an uncomplicated and nimble operational cadence throughout various processes. The bedrock of Cloudways' operational framework rests upon an innovative paradigm, intricately woven with superlative technologies and industry-pioneering infrastructure providers. These strategic foundations collectively foster a milieu of streamlined cloud hosting management.

    To realize this operational finesse, Cloudways adheres to a two-pronged strategy. The first entails judicious investments in securing adept talent, a foundational element that propels the company's proficiency. The second facet encompasses the orchestration of adept teams, each harmoniously synchronized to extract optimal performance outcomes.

    In essence, Cloudways epitomizes a harmonious fusion of user-centricity and technological prowess. The service's prowess lies in its ability to harmonize diverse cloud providers with a user-friendly platform, culminating in an environment where cloud server management is bereft of complexity. The framework's underlying strength arises from its synthesis of cutting-edge technologies and the collaborative backing of trailblazing infrastructure providers. This calculated synergy amplifies the efficacy of managed cloud hosting, reshaping it into a frictionless endeavor.

    Thus, Cloudways emerges not as an entity driven by hyperbole, but as a dynamic solution where competence, user empowerment, and technological acumen converge organically.

    Customer Support

    Cloudways ensures a robust customer support ecosystem designed to facilitate user interactions seamlessly.

    Engaging with Cloudways' support is effortlessly accessible around the clock through the Live Chat feature, which operates 24/7/365. This avenue serves as an immediate gateway for users to seek assistance and guidance while navigating the intricacies of the Cloudways Platform. The team behind this responsive interface comprises a continually growing cohort of extensively trained experts, committed to promptly addressing user queries and concerns.

    For matters that require deeper exploration, the Online Ticketing system presents itself as an apt mechanism. Complex inquiries or issues can be channeled through this platform, allowing users to maintain visibility into the resolution process. The Cloudways Support Team extends the provision of creating tickets on behalf of users, or alternatively, users can autonomously submit their inquiries.

    Cloudways goes beyond rudimentary support paradigms by introducing Enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The Advanced Support tier augments the standard assistance framework by extending Live Chat accessibility and significantly reducing online ticket response times. In this context, response times dwindle to either 3 hours for normal priority queries or a swift 30 minutes for high-priority concerns. Users opting for Premium SLAs are accorded an even more streamlined support experience.

    The versatility of Cloudways' support is amplified by its proficiency in server customization and configuration. Users can leverage the assistance of Cloudways' team to execute tailored tasks, ranging from deploying specific packages like PHP, to configuring caching protocols and implementing server-level modifications.

    For those who seek direct engagement, Cloudways offers the Premium Support add-on, allowing users and their teams to connect with Senior Support Engineers via phone calls. This personalized approach establishes a direct conduit for troubleshooting, consultations, and guidance.

    Application-level intricacies are addressed adeptly through the support structure. The Cloudways team takes on challenges such as plugin or theme troubleshooting, investigating server errors, aiding with database or email add-ons, and orchestrating performance optimization measures.

    A proactive stance characterizes Cloudways' support philosophy. The platform proffers real-time notifications and initiates investigations whenever a user's server or stack encounters downtime. This proactive application monitoring ethos fortifies user experience and minimizes disruptions.

    The Premium Support tier fosters a close partnership dynamic between users and Cloudways. This level of engagement transcends the transactional and positions Cloudways as an extension of users' in-house teams. Communication channels include the option to interact with Cloudways experts through Slack or by placing direct calls.

    By ascending to the Premium Support tier, users can access a private Slack channel that connects them directly with Senior Support Engineers. This dedicated channel circumvents the conventional web-based chat interface, affording users a more personalized and expedited avenue for resolution.

    Swift responsiveness remains a hallmark of Cloudways' Premium Support tier. Online tickets, under this tier, garner prompt responses, consistently staying within a two-hour window. High-priority tickets are accorded an even more rapid ten-minute response time, underscoring Cloudways' commitment to facilitating seamless issue resolution.


    Cloudways is anchored in a performance-driven approach, bolstered by a suite of features that collectively elevate server and application responsiveness.

    Central to Cloudways' performance ethos is the notion of a Dedicated Environment. This distinctive attribute ensures that each server initiated within the Cloudways ecosystem enjoys an allocation of dedicated resources. In contrast to shared hosting limitations, this environment empowers users to harness the full potential of their servers and applications, thereby fostering a landscape conducive to optimal performance outcomes.

    Driving performance further is the adoption of SSD-Based Hosting. Capitalizing on SSD drives, which inherently deliver speeds three times faster than conventional counterparts, Cloudways attains an impressive balance of performance enhancements and notable reductions in page load times. The integration of SSD technology substantiates Cloudways' commitment to expedited user experiences.

    Cloudways demonstrates a strategic emphasis on caching through its Built-in Advanced Caches. The platform furnishes users with a suite of pre-configured caches, including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis. These caches collectively cultivate swift responses, augmenting the overall user experience by minimizing latency and delivering content more promptly.

    A testament to Cloudways' forward-looking stance is its dedication to PHP 7 Ready Servers. All servers within the Cloudways framework are equipped with PHP 7.3 readiness. This progressive adoption stems from PHP 7's well-documented reputation for enhanced speed compared to its predecessor.

    CloudwaysCDN emerges as a pivotal offering aimed at fortifying performance across the global spectrum. Positioned as a user-friendly solution, CloudwaysCDN seamlessly integrates into existing setups, unfurling superior performance and commendable global response times with minimal technical intricacies.

    The notion of Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers allays concerns of website disruptions. Cloudways' infrastructure is designed to proactively address server-related issues through automated healing restarts, alleviating user anxieties surrounding potential downtime.

    Noteworthy is Cloudways' contribution to WordPress performance with its Free WordPress Cache Plugin, aptly named Breeze. Developed in-house, Breeze stands out for its ability to augment WordPress performance beyond industry-standard plugins. Pre-installed on Cloudways, Breeze enriches the user experience through streamlined caching mechanisms.

    Redis Support emerges as another avenue to elevate performance, especially concerning databases. The integration of Redis in conjunction with Apache, Nginx, and Varnish yields a confluence of performance enhancements, collectively positioning Cloudways users to experience unparalleled responsiveness.

    Cloudways extends its performance optimization to e-commerce, particularly Magento 1.x stores, through its Free Magento Full Page Cache. This inbuilt cache mechanism significantly bolsters Magento store performance, engendering faster loading times.

    The platform recognizes the instrumental role of PHP-FPM in optimizing PHP environments. By incorporating PHP-FPM, Cloudways expediently enhances website speed and the overall loading times of PHP-based contexts.

    Cloudways' commitment to speed manifests through its HTTP/2 Supported Servers. This adoption of HTTP/2 facilitates accelerated communication between web servers and clients, markedly boosting data exchange rates.

    In summation, Cloudways' performance-oriented approach is underscored by a confluence of elements that span dedicated resources, advanced caching, optimized server configurations, and integration of contemporary technologies. This calibrated synergy positions Cloudways as a reliable platform for those who prioritize performance within their digital ecosystems.


    Cloudways adopts a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to bolstering security across its hosting ecosystem, engendering a safeguarded environment for users' digital assets.

    A foundational element of Cloudways' security architecture is the incorporation of Dedicated Firewalls. These OS-level firewalls are strategically deployed across all hosted servers, functioning as a robust line of defense against malicious traffic and unauthorized access attempts. This proactive defense mechanism mitigates potential threats and helps fortify the integrity of users' data.

    In alignment with the industry's push towards secure web communications, Cloudways offers a streamlined solution with its 1-Click Free SSL Installation. Leveraging the integration of Let's Encrypt SSL, the platform advances website security through the deployment of trusted certificates, simultaneously fulfilling HTTPS requisites without incurring extra costs. This feature underscores Cloudways' commitment to promoting encrypted data exchange, a fundamental facet of online security.

    User empowerment is evident in the inclusion of IP Whitelisting as part of Cloudways' security repertoire. This attribute enables users to construct whitelists of designated IPs, facilitating seamless collaboration with networks or regions characterized by unfettered access to SSH and SFTP protocols. This capability enhances controlled connectivity while curbing unauthorized engagement.

    Cloudways upholds the importance of staying current with security measures through Regular Security Patching. This practice encompasses periodic OS patches applied to servers, safeguarding the infrastructure against potential vulnerabilities. By maintaining up-to-date security measures, Cloudways strives to minimize exposure to security risks and the exploitation of potential entry points.

    Recognizing the significance of multi-factor authentication, Cloudways integrates Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) into its security framework. This simple yet effective layer of defense heightens the safety of users' Cloudways accounts, serving as an impediment against unauthorized access attempts. TFA stands as a testament to Cloudways' emphasis on providing robust security features that adhere to contemporary best practices.

    In collaboration with technology partner Malcare, Cloudways introduces Bot Protection. This functionality is especially pertinent for WordPress websites, safeguarding against traffic congestion stemming from malicious bots, brute force login attacks, and Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks. The synergy between Cloudways and Malcare underscores the platform's strategic alliances in augmenting security.

    Cloudways' approach to security is marked by a judicious blend of foundational defenses, proactive measures, and collaborative alliances. The platform's security arsenal aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats, mitigating vulnerabilities while reinforcing user confidence in the security of their digital assets.


    Cloudways fosters a collaborative ecosystem that empowers users to seamlessly collaborate on projects, ensuring smooth workflows and effective project management.

    At the crux of this collaboration framework is the Git Integration feature. Through automated deployment, Cloudways enables the swift deployment of updated code onto live servers whenever changes occur within remote repositories. This integration streamlines development cycles and facilitates real-time synchronization between code repositories and live environments.

    Ensuring secure data exchange, Cloudways extends SSH and SFTP Access to users. This secure conduit permits hassle-free access to servers, enabling file and folder updates within applications via SSH or SFTP protocols. Notably, individualized SFTP credentials can be generated, optimizing team-based workflows while upholding security standards.

    Enabling efficient replication and version control, Cloudways offers Application & Server Cloning capabilities. With a single click, users can clone entire servers or duplicate individual sites. This functionality expedites the process of creating copies of files and databases on new staging URLs, promoting streamlined testing and development scenarios.

    The framework is meticulously designed to accommodate diverse team structures. Under the 'One Account Multiple Teams' feature, a single team member can actively participate in different teams, thereby segmenting projects based on their relevance to various teams. This promotes targeted collaboration and efficient allocation of responsibilities.

    The concept of 'Projects' introduces an organizational layer for users managing multiple websites. Through this mechanism, users can group apps, classifying them under distinct Projects. The added functionality of assigning these Projects to specific teams further enhances clarity and ensures a cohesive approach to project management.

    Cloudways acknowledges the importance of controlled testing environments with its Staging Area & URLs. Within this dedicated staging environment, users can test application modifications without impacting the live version. By offering a one-click deployment mechanism, Cloudways streamlines the process of transitioning changes from staging to production.

    User-centric collaboration is further facilitated through 'Add Team Members.' This feature empowers users to distribute work among colleagues, irrespective of geographical constraints. Access levels can be tailored, allowing for limited or full access to servers or applications based on individual roles.

    The platform further endorses collaborative client engagements through 'Server Transfer.' This feature offers a simplified process of transferring server ownership to clients or other relevant parties. The one-click hosting feature streamlines the transition process, expediting ownership shifts without complexities.

    Migration is a core aspect of collaborative endeavors, and Cloudways acknowledges this with its Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin. This plugin simplifies the migration of WordPress sites from legacy hosting providers to Cloudways' platform, minimizing hassles while facilitating a seamless transition.


    Cloudways presents a range of flexible options that cater to diverse needs, fostering an environment where users can tailor their hosting experience to their preferences.

    A distinctive facet of these options lies in the selection of Renowned IaaS Providers. This array includes renowned names such as Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. This choice enables users to align their hosting needs with their preferred provider, ensuring compatibility and optimizing their hosting environment.

    The utility of Block Storage further accentuates Cloudways' options. This feature empowers users to extend their server's storage capacity seamlessly. This can be accomplished with a few clicks, a process that increases storage without necessitating alterations to other server parameters. This pragmatic approach enables users to respond dynamically to evolving storage requirements.

    Seamless Vertical Scaling emerges as a cornerstone of Cloudways' options. Enabled through a 1-Click hosting feature, this capability streamlines server scaling by augmenting resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage without impacting existing customizations. This approach emphasizes operational fluidity without compromising the intricacies of server configuration.

    A distinct departure from conventional models is Cloudways' aversion to Long-Term Contracts. Instead, the platform champions a pay-as-you-go payment model. This approach liberates users from rigid contracts and fixed payments, ensuring that financial commitments align with actual resource usage. It's a paradigm that resonates with those who value transparent and adaptable billing structures.

    Cloudways caters to the ease-of-use sought by agencies through its Launch 10+ Apps Through 1-Click feature. This streamlined capability facilitates the deployment of multiple WordPress and Magento sites on a single server with a single click. This not only enhances convenience but also optimizes resource utilization for efficient multi-site hosting.

    The platform’s comprehensive support for PHP-based applications forms a pivotal part of its offerings. Cloudways’ fusion of dedicated server flexibility with the convenience and agility of PHP Platform as a Service (PaaS) ensures that all PHP apps are compatible, fostering a harmonious environment for diverse application needs.

    Flexibility in managing PHP versions is another noteworthy aspect of Cloudways' options. Users can effortlessly switch between various PHP versions with a single click. This adaptability extends to the support of the latest PHP iterations including versions 5.6, 7.x, and 8.x, catering to varied application compatibility needs.

    Cloudways' commitment to compatibility is evident in its support for both MySQL and MariaDB. Irrespective of users' database preferences, Cloudways accommodates the latest versions of both, enabling users to choose the database engine that best complements their application's requirements.

    In acknowledgment of the global reach of online platforms, Cloudways integrates Global Availability into its array of options. Users can choose from a diverse array of 60+ data centers to ensure optimal page load times for their target audience. This reflects Cloudways' cognizance of the significance of geographic proximity in shaping user experiences.


    Cloudways extends robust control options, granting users a comprehensive toolkit to manage server environments and applications with precision.

    The platform empowers users to regulate various server parameters and orchestrate application deployment and package upgrades via an intuitive User Interface (UI). This command over Server Settings and Packages reinforces users' autonomy in configuring their hosting environments while minimizing complexities.

    Effortless data security is facilitated through the 1-Click Backup & Restore feature. This mechanism generates automated or on-demand backups in offsite locations. Restoration is streamlined with the ability to initiate one-click restores or rollbacks. This seamless approach simplifies data recovery, a fundamental aspect of user control.

    The management of scheduled tasks is streamlined through the Cron Job Manager integrated within Cloudways. Users can effortlessly schedule cron jobs, dictating rules and activating them via a few clicks. This utility optimizes the automation of tasks, reducing manual intervention.

    Cloudways champions efficient WordPress management through its pre-installed WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface). This inclusion equips users with powerful commands to oversee WordPress websites adeptly, even for users who are not programming experts. The standardization of WP-CLI across all Cloudways servers underscores the platform's commitment to user convenience.

    To enhance security and resource management, Cloudways introduces the 1-Click Stop App capability. With a single click, users can promptly restrict access to an application from web, SFTP/SSH, and halt associated cron jobs. This feature is pivotal in safeguarding applications from unauthorized access and mitigating resource misuse.

    The User Interface takes center stage again with App Settings, rendering complex command-line instructions redundant. Users can seamlessly adjust application settings from Cloudways' user-friendly interface, obviating the need for intricate coding procedures.

    Empowering fine-grained control, Advanced/Custom Varnish Settings are at users' disposal. Cloudways' interface allows effortless administration of Varnish cache rules. This includes exclusions or inclusions of specific URLs or cookies, providing users the means to optimize caching mechanisms.

    For Laravel applications, the integrated Supervisord process manager is a noteworthy feature. This component provides intricate control over processes, enhancing the management of Laravel applications by offering insight into process performance and resource utilization.

    Efficiency in development is further accentuated with the Change Application Webroot feature. Users can effortlessly modify the webroot of an app, ushering in a new serving location for files. The streamlined nature of this operation optimizes resource allocation and ensures smooth continuity during webroot transitions.


    Cloudways presents a spectrum of integrations that cater to diverse needs, fostering an environment where users can seamlessly augment their operations through strategic partnerships.

    At the forefront of these integrations is CloudwaysBot Channels. This dynamic feature amplifies user engagement by delivering real-time notifications through preferred channels such as Slack, API, and HipChat. By providing swift updates on selected events, CloudwaysBot empowers users to stay informed and responsive to critical developments.

    The Cloudways API introduces a realm of possibilities for users seeking tailored solutions. This RESTful API allows users to architect their own management solutions, enabling them to exercise comprehensive control over their platform interactions. The API paves the way for the development, integration, and management of servers and applications on Cloudways.

    For users embarking on the path of application migration, Cloudways offers the Application Migration Add-on. This service is facilitated by Cloudways' migration experts who adeptly migrate sites with minimal downtime. The add-on encompasses a complimentary migration, consultation on infrastructure nuances, and more. This strategic partnership optimizes migration processes while minimizing operational disruptions.

    Enhancing email functionality, the SMTP Add-on provides users with a dependable and streamlined method to configure external SMTP services. This gateway facilitates efficient email delivery from user servers, bolstering communication without undue complexities.

    For users seeking robust email solutions, the Rackspace Email Add-on emerges as an option. This add-on endows users with cloud-based email inboxes powered by Rackspace. With guaranteed uptime, robust protection, and 24/7 support, this partnership streamlines email management within the Cloudways ecosystem.

    The Application Upgrade Add-on aligns with Cloudways' commitment to seamless growth. Cloud engineers execute meticulous app assessments, ensuring that all upgrades transpire within a staging environment. This minimizes downtime, fostering an environment where upgrades are implemented with precision.

    Addressing a fundamental aspect of web operations, the DNS Made Easy Add-on offers premium DNS services. This strategic partnership ensures a comprehensive approach to DNS management, minimizing the likelihood of errors and offering a safety net wherein site downtime triggers traffic redirection to a preconfigured secondary IP.

    The Cloudways Support Add-ons provide avenues for team augmentation. Through the Advanced or Premium add-ons, users access extended app-level support, priority resolutions, and other advantageous features. This collaborative approach positions Cloudways as an ally in users' growth trajectories, catering to evolving support requirements.


    Cloudways prioritizes vigilance with an extensive monitoring framework designed to foster informed decision-making and proactive optimization.

    Central to this commitment is the 24/7 Real-time Monitoring feature. This continuous monitoring mechanism operates round the clock, all year round, ensuring that servers remain under vigilant scrutiny. Over 16 distinct metrics are rendered accessible within the console, empowering users with a comprehensive understanding of server health and performance.

    The incorporation of CloudwaysBot Notifications introduces a layer of intelligence to monitoring efforts. This AI-driven smart assistant harnesses real-time performance insights, effectively guiding users in optimizing their servers and applications. The integration with platforms such as Slack and emails enhances the dissemination of crucial performance updates, enabling users to respond to emerging situations with precision.

    In essence, Cloudways' monitoring framework is characterized by real-time visibility and AI-driven insights. This dynamic synergy provides users with a comprehensive vantage point into server performance, aligning with the platform's commitment to informed and proactive management.

    Pricing Discount

    Pricing will vary depending on your monthly usage, that way, you'll never pay for unnecessary features.

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    Cloudways Pros & Cons

    Cloudways: Pros

    • Free site migration service
    • Good customer support
    • Secure
    • Fast servers
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • Many features

    Cloudways: Cons

    • No email hosting
    • No domain registration
    • No cPanel/Plesk

    Cloudways Review: Verdict

    Whether you're a small business or a large business, Cloudways is a great option for hosting your website.

    The pay-as-you-go pricing system makes Cloudways a fantastic option, its servers are extremely fast and you'll probably notice a difference if you migrate from a different hosting provider.

    Customer support is very helpful and they'll be there to help with anything you need, that being said, some customers have complained about some delays in response time.

    On the downside, since it is a cloud service, you will naturally have to register a domain name and get email hosting with a separate provider.

    According to some users, site migration has also taken a bit longer than desirable.

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