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Canva Promo Code

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Get a 23% discount on your Canva Pro subscription plan and a 30-day Canva Pro free trial!

Coursera Pro is a great option for content creators! By subscribing to the Canva Pro Annual subscription plan you will be getting a 23% discount on what you'd be paying for a monthly subscription! No need for Canva promo code!


Canva Promo Code

About Canva

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.

Canva Pro makes it easy for individuals to achieve their goals and create professional designs with premium features like Brand Kit, Unlimited Content, Background Remover, and more.

As a solopreneur or small business owner, you can set up your Brand Kit and apply it to every template to maintain brand consistency – no design skills necessary.

Canva is always free for every individual and team. However, if you want to unlock premium features, individuals can upgrade to Canva Pro to easily create professional designs and content. If there are two or more people, upgrading to Canva for Teams provides access to premium features, and teams will love the content management, collaboration, and approvals features.

Canva Pro is perfect for individual entrepreneurs, design pros, and professionals wanting full access to all of Canva's features. By going Pro, anyone working on their own can boost productivity and take Canva to the next level with time-saving premium features. Take the hassle out of cropping and resizing your design with Magic Resize, organize your photos into folders, and save your brand logo, colors, and fonts. If you have multiple people, you can invite them in a few clicks and become a Canva team.

Primary and secondary school students can access Canva for Education, Canva's free offering for educators. Your teacher needs to invite you to join Canva for Education. They can do this from their Canva for Education account. Canva for Education is not currently available for college and university students, but you can still use Canva free or Pro.

If you would like to sign up for Canva Pro, you can sign up for an annual plan and automatically save 23% of what you would usually pay for a monthly subscription, no need for a Canva Promo Code!

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A professional platform is a crucial tool for every content creator, if you would like to sign up for a Canva, you can subscribe for an annual Canva Pro subscription and get a 23% discount!

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