Canva Pro Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Canva Pro review, our aim is to assess the value proposition of the Canva Pro subscription plan and determine if it justifies the investment. We'll explore the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision about whether Canva Pro is a worthwhile expenditure for your needs.

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    Background And History

    Canva serves as a versatile design platform, providing users with the tools to craft a diverse range of visual content including social media graphics, presentations, posters, and documents. Its user-friendly interface allows individuals to choose from an array of professionally designed templates. With a simple drag-and-drop mechanism, users can easily edit these templates, personalize designs, and incorporate their own photos. This straightforward approach makes design accessible to users of all skill levels, fostering creativity and enabling the creation of visually engaging content.

    About Canva Pro

    Whether you're flying solo or leading a group effort, Canva Pro offers an array of features aimed at streamlining the design process and boosting overall productivity.

    One standout feature is Magic Resize, which simplifies the often time-consuming task of cropping and resizing designs. Organizing photos into folders enhances efficiency, particularly for teams collaborating on multiple projects.

    The brand consistency element is notable, allowing users to effortlessly apply brand colors, fonts, and logos across designs. This ensures a polished and unified visual identity.

    Canva Pro's expansive library of resources, including over 60 million photos and elements, significantly broadens creative possibilities. The option to upload custom fonts further enhances design individuality.

    What sets Canva Pro apart is its holistic approach to creative enhancement. From animations and GIFs to priority support and social media scheduling, it covers a wide spectrum of design needs.


    A subscription to Canva Pro opens the door to a wide range of valuable features, enhancing your creative experience and output. With Canva Pro, you gain access to an extensive array of premium content, including images, graphics, and templates that elevate the quality of your designs.

    Diving deeper, Canva Pro offers Premium Video, enabling you to incorporate dynamic video elements into your projects, expanding the scope of your visual storytelling. The Background Remover tool empowers you to seamlessly extract subjects from images, offering flexibility and creativity in design compositions.

    Instant animation is another standout feature, allowing you to infuse your designs with motion effortlessly, adding a layer of engagement to your creations. The ability to schedule social media posts directly from within Canva streamlines your workflow, ensuring timely and consistent content sharing.

    Collaboration is made seamless with the option to invite your team to Canva Pro, fostering efficient teamwork and cohesive design efforts. The extensive library of templates caters to various design needs, spanning from social media graphics to presentations and beyond.

    Transparent Images aid in creating visually intricate designs, while Team Templates enable standardized branding across team projects. The Resize Designs feature simplifies adapting designs to different formats, ensuring consistency across various platforms.

    Staying on brand becomes effortless with Canva Pro, as you can set and maintain consistent brand elements like colors, fonts, and logos across your designs. Lastly, the Design Together option allows real-time collaboration, encouraging creative synergy within teams.

    Premium Content

    Delving into the realm of Canva Pro's content offerings reveals a treasure trove of creative assets that significantly enrich your design capabilities. With this subscription, you're granted access to an expansive and curated collection of premium content, including an array of high-quality images, graphics, and meticulously crafted templates. This library serves as a wellspring of inspiration and resources, working synergistically to elevate the caliber of your design projects.

    Venturing further, Canva Pro introduces the dynamic facet of Premium Video, an invaluable tool for infusing motion and storytelling into your creations. This feature empowers you to seamlessly integrate videos, expanding your visual narrative horizons and imbuing your designs with a captivating essence of movement.

    The Background Remover tool exemplifies the flexibility that Canva Pro offers. With the ability to effortlessly extract subjects from images, your creative possibilities surge, allowing for innovative compositions and designs that transcend traditional boundaries.

    The concept of motion is further elevated through Instant Animation, allowing you to inject life into your designs effortlessly. This feature introduces an engaging layer of dynamism, capturing the viewer's attention and enhancing the impact of your visual expressions.

    Strategic efficiency finds its place within Canva Pro as well. The inclusion of social media scheduling directly within the platform streamlines your workflow, ensuring a consistent and timely sharing of your content across various platforms.

    Collaboration becomes an art form in Canva Pro, with the capacity to invite team members into the creative process. This cultivates a harmonious environment for collective design efforts, fostering seamless teamwork and the creation of cohesive projects.

    The library of templates available under Canva Pro's umbrella caters to diverse design requisites. Encompassing an expansive range from social media graphics to professional presentations, this repository empowers you to find the ideal foundation for your creative endeavors.

    The inclusion of features like Transparent Images and Team Templates further exemplifies Canva Pro's commitment to offering a comprehensive toolkit. Transparent Images facilitate intricate designs, while Team Templates cultivate consistent branding across collaborative projects.

    The power to maintain brand integrity rests in your hands with Canva Pro. Through intuitive controls, you can effortlessly set and uphold brand elements such as colors, fonts, and logos across your designs.

    Lastly, the Design Together option bridges geographical gaps by enabling real-time collaboration, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and creative synergy within teams.

    Premium Video

    Canva Pro brings the realm of video creation to your fingertips, effortlessly demystifying the process of crafting high-quality videos. Regardless of your prior video editing experience, Canva Pro equips you with the tools to fashion compelling videos swiftly and proficiently.

    The journey begins by tapping into Canva's curated collection of pre-made video templates, a wellspring of inspiration that serves as your launchpad. Through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you're invited to assemble captivating short videos that resonate with your audience.

    What sets Canva Pro apart is its user-friendly approach, allowing individuals to generate professional-grade videos without the need for intricate video editing expertise. A video template serves as your foundation, which you can then embellish with your own video footage or choose from an extensive array of stock videos. Amplifying the visual impact, you have the option to seamlessly integrate audio and transition effects, culminating in a well-crafted visual narrative.

    The simplicity of Canva Pro's drag-and-drop video editor is a game-changer, making the process accessible and fluid. By transcending the complexities that often accompany video editing, Canva Pro empowers users to shape high-quality videos that resonate with their vision.

    Furthermore, Canva Pro's subscription model extends the value by eliminating the need for additional photo subscriptions. The subscription seamlessly grants access to Canva's comprehensive repository of stock photography, videos, and other creative resources. This unified access streamlines your creative process and ensures that you're equipped with a plethora of assets to amplify the impact of your videos.

    Background Remover

    In the realm of visuals, from social media endeavors to e-commerce pursuits, the impact of an image is paramount. Yet, even when you've captured the perfect shot, the background can sometimes pose distractions that dilute the essence. Enter Canva Pro's Background Remover, a transformative tool that simplifies what was once a complex endeavor—background removal. With just a single click, the tool empowers any product, headshot, or logo to seize the spotlight and shine with unrivaled clarity.

    The process is as straightforward as it is impactful. Whether you're working with your own uploaded image or drawing from Canva Pro's expansive collection of millions of photos, the Background Remover feature is at your disposal. A single click on 'Background Remover' within the Effects section ignites the magic, causing the background to seamlessly fade away. This metamorphosis not only accentuates products or subjects but also opens avenues for layered designs that captivate the eye.

    The prowess of Canva Pro's Background Remover lies in its ability to eliminate the background intricacies that can sometimes bog down design processes. With this tool, the painstaking efforts associated with traditional eraser tools are replaced by the simplicity of a single click. No longer is there a need to meticulously erase edges or grapple with intricate techniques; the background vanishes, and your subject takes center stage.

    What distinguishes Canva Pro's Background Remover further is its potential for branding elevation. By erasing the background, your images gain a versatile edge. Seamlessly layer them over your brand colors or incorporate text in your brand's signature font. This functionality not only streamlines design cohesiveness but also amplifies the visual identity you seek to project.

    Instant Animation

    The Instant Animation feature emerges as a versatile tool that infuses dynamic movement into your visual creations. Whether it's social media posts, presentations, or any medium craving a captivating visual impact, Instant Animation steps in to elevate your content with flair. With just a single click, you unlock a realm of motion possibilities, creating animations that leave a lasting visual impression.

    Gone are the days of intricate animation learning curves. Canva Pro redefines the landscape by streamlining the animation process to a single click. This transformative feature empowers your designs to spring to life instantaneously, eliminating the need for complex animation skills or pricey software. The result? Animations that captivate and engage, delivering an immersive experience without the typical hurdles.

    Canva Pro's Instant Animation doesn't just animate; it provides a spectrum of animation styles to choose from. With 14 premium animation styles at your fingertips, you wield the power to infuse motion into different facets of your design. Whether it's an elegant slide, an attention-commanding bounce, a subtle fade, or other dynamic transformations, the diversity of styles ensures that your animations mirror the essence of your content.

    This isn't just about visuals in motion; it's about making an impact that resonates with your audience. Studies reveal that a substantial 73% of consumers admit to being influenced by a brand's presence on social media videos when making purchasing decisions. Canva Pro's Instant Animation caters to this need for impactful engagement, enabling your creations to transcend static visuals and truly connect with your viewers.

    Schedule Social

    The Content Planner feature within Canva offers a commanding solution to seize the reins of your social media channels. Designed to empower you in managing your digital presence, Content Planner seamlessly blends design and coordination, ensuring your social media posts make a lasting impact across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    With Canva's intuitive interface, you're equipped to craft visually captivating social media posts that resonate with your audience. Beyond design, Content Planner streamlines the process of coordinating your content's deployment. It creates a harmonious workspace where you can not only design but also coordinate, review, approve, and publish content, all within a singular environment.

    One of the standout features is the ability to schedule your posts across various social platforms effortlessly. This empowers you to plan your content strategy well in advance, ensuring your posts hit the digital stage at optimal times. Whether it's a matter of days, weeks, or even months ahead, Content Planner provides the control and flexibility needed to streamline your content rollout.

    The power to pause and edit posts without re-uploading files is a testament to the user-centric approach. It acknowledges the dynamic nature of content creation, allowing you to pivot and fine-tune your messaging while maintaining a seamless workflow. Furthermore, the feature's collaborative aspect shines through inviting team members to review, approve, and publish content within a unified space.

    Performance insights lie at the heart of digital strategy refinement, and Canva's Content Planner takes this aspect seriously. By seamlessly integrating social media performance analytics, you gain the ability to track essential metrics such as impressions, clicks, likes, and comments. This feature amplifies your understanding of your content's impact, allowing you to make informed decisions for future campaigns.

    Invite your team

    Canva transcends geographical barriers, uniting teams whether they're located under the same roof or scattered across the world. The platform offers a seamless and user-friendly solution for teams to converge on a single design, fostering real-time collaboration through comments and feedback.

    In the corporate landscape, Canva emerges as an indispensable ally by encompassing a diverse range of design needs. From internal communications requiring documents and presentations to crafting polished marketing materials like social media posts and reports, Canva consolidates all these demands into one convenient hub. This all-in-one approach streamlines workflows and optimizes efficiency.

    One of Canva's standout features is the Brand Kit, which empowers you to maintain a consistent visual identity across all documents and designs. By pre-setting logos, fonts, and colors, it ensures that your brand's essence is imprinted on every creation. This level of standardization underlines Canva's commitment to elevating professionalism and brand coherence.

    Canva obliterates geographical constraints, offering a platform for easy and effective communication across different time zones and locations. This universal accessibility fosters creativity and collaboration, enabling teams to bring their best work to the table, regardless of physical boundaries.

    When multiple team members engage in designing the same project, Canva's interface facilitates a smooth workflow. This dynamic environment enables seamless sharing of feedback, the ability to tag specific elements for attention, and the resolution of edits at any time, from any device. The collaborative ecosystem extends beyond design, equipping you with tools to maintain brand integrity and setting customized access permissions.

    The feature-rich functionality of Canva doesn't stop at collaboration; it extends to organization as well. By providing shareable folders to store reusable assets, projects, or uploads, Canva optimizes resource management and accessibility. The treasure trove of professionally designed templates further expedites the design process. These templates serve as a solid foundation, ready to be customized with a few clicks before being shared with the world.


    Canva boasts an expertly curated library housing a multitude of free templates that span across diverse categories such as advocacy, business, education, special events, and beyond. This expansive assortment of templates—exceeding 400,000 in number—serves as a dynamic canvas, ready to be personalized according to your specific requirements.

    The versatility of Canva's template repository is truly remarkable. It enables seamless customization that aligns with your brand's essence, extending its application to a multitude of mediums. Whether you're focusing on presentations, emails, video templates, or social media content, Canva's templates empower you to infuse your unique brand identity into each design.

    For social media enthusiasts, Canva's prowess truly shines. The platform offers the remarkable ability to automatically resize designs to suit various platforms with a single click. This feature alleviates the painstaking task of manually adapting designs to different dimensions for each social media channel. With this time-saving functionality, your content is poised to shine on every platform, ensuring a cohesive and impactful online presence.

    The efficiency and effectiveness of Canva's templates extend beyond individual creativity. They also play a crucial role in facilitating collaboration within teams. Reusable templates streamline the design process, providing a framework that equips your team with the essential tools to maintain brand consistency. This collaborative prowess is exemplified by the platform's real-time editing capability, allowing multiple team members to work on a single design or document concurrently—a convenience that boosts teamwork and expedites project completion.

    In the corporate realm, Branded Templates stand as a valuable asset. By adhering to your brand's design guidelines and standards, these templates maintain visual cohesion and reinforce brand recognition. This feature not only accelerates design creation but also reinforces brand consistency, a cornerstone of professional aesthetics and impact.

    Image Resizer

    Magic Resize—an innovative feature that revolutionizes the resizing process, saving you time and effort.

    Magic Resize stands as a beacon of efficiency, offering a transformative approach to the often cumbersome task of resizing designs and documents. With a single click, this feature eliminates the guesswork associated with dimensions, as it seamlessly adjusts your creation to suit the specifications of each platform. The beauty of Magic Resize lies in its meticulously pre-set dimensions for diverse platforms, ensuring that your content fits perfectly without any undue stretching or cropping.

    Gone are the days of endless hours spent deliberating dimensions or laboriously recreating designs for different contexts. With Magic Resize at your disposal, the process of adapting campaign designs to various platforms becomes a seamless and instantaneous endeavor. This one-click resizing capability not only preserves your valuable time but also maintains the integrity of your designs across a multitude of mediums.

    The advantage of Magic Resize extends beyond mere convenience—it's a time-saving mechanism that empowers you to focus on the creative essence of your work rather than getting bogged down by technical minutiae. Whether you're juggling social media campaigns, marketing materials, or various online assets, Canva Pro's Magic Resize ensures that each iteration of your design exudes professionalism and visual cohesion.

    Brand Kit

    Brand Kit allows you to build a brand from scratch or add your existing brand assets, so you can stay on-brand with every design. Once built, your team can access pre-set brand fonts, brand logos, brand colors, and pre-designed templates. From corporate design templates to creative template presentation templates, and more. Brand Kit helps you establish brand consistency across all your collateral.

    The versatility of Brand Kit is truly remarkable—it accommodates up to 100 distinct brands within its interface. This capability is particularly valuable for organizations with multifaceted offerings or multiple ventures, providing the means to manage and customize brand elements for various endeavors, all within a singular and intuitive platform.

    Additionally, Brand Kit extends its functionality to streamline collaboration. Assigning and managing teams within the Brand Kit framework ensures that the right individuals have access to the right brand assets, allowing for easy updates and ensuring uniform brand representation across your collateral.


    Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month, however, if you choose to pay for your Canva Pro subscription on a yearly basis, you'll save 23% on your plan, this means that you'll only have to pay $119.40 per year instead of $155.40 per year.

    Canva Pro

    Design Anything
    60 million+ photos & elements
    3000+ fonts or upload your own
    Stay on-brand with set and forget brand colors, fonts, and logos
    Unlimited folders and 100GB storage for all your designs

    $155.40 $119.40

    Canva Pro Pros & Cons

    Canva Pro: Pros

    • Great designs
    • Many templates
    • Free photos
    • Very intuitive

    Canva Pro: Cons

    • Unable to change dimensions of the project once you start
    • Can't combine content for exporting

    Canva Pro Review: Verdict

    We definitely think Canva Pro is worth your money, that being said, the platform needs some improvement.

    With Canva Pro, you'll be able to make a lot of the things you'd usually do on Photoshop and similar software. Canva Pro is extremely intuitive, the design is awesome, it has an incredible library and its features are impressive, on the other hand, there's still room for a lot of improvement and we hope to see Canva add missing features such as customizable filters, adjustments to image properties, adding drop shadows to text, or the ability to change project dimensions after starting the project.

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    Canva Pro Review 4
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