Canva Pro Review: Is It Worth It?

Canva Pro Review

In this Canva Pro review, we will be examining whether or not the Canva Pro subscription plan is worth your money.

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Background And History

Canva is a design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. Users can choose from many professionally designed templates, edit the designs and upload their own photos through a drag-and-drop interface.

About Canva Pro

Canva Pro is great whether you're one individual or a team of hundreds. No matter how large your team, you can boost your productivity and take Canva to the next level with time-saving features. Take the hassle out of cropping and resizing your design with Magic Resize, organize your photos into folders, and save your brand logo, colors, and fonts.

Canva Pro includes the following features:

  • Design anything
  • 60 million+ photos & elements
  • 3000+ fonts or upload your own
  • Stay on-brand with set and forget brand colors, fonts, and logos
  • Unlimited folders and 100GB storage for all your designs
  • One-click resizing with Magic Resize
  • Bring your creativity to life with animations and gifs
  • Priority support
  • Schedule your social media directly from within Canva


Your Canva Pro subscription includes the following features:

  • Premium Content
  • Premium Video
  • Background Remover
  • Instant animation
  • Schedule social
  • Invite your team
  • Templates
  • Transparent Images
  • Team templates
  • Resize designs
  • Stay on brand
  • Design Together

Premium Content

With Canva Pro, you get VIP access to all high-quality stock photography and stock video library. It’s a subscription with unlimited possibilities and creativity.

Over 75+ million premium images, videos, graphics, and audio, all in one place. Shot and designed by professionals, it’s easy to find high-quality content that makes your designs look amazing, without the hassle of creating the content yourself. Plus, the library is constantly being updated, so you’ll always have fresh content for your designs. You’ll never run out of stunning visuals and images to help bring your designs to life.

Premium Video

With Canva Pro, it’s unbelievably easy to make high-quality videos yourself. Start with Canva’s library of pre-made templates, then use the simple drag-and-drop tools to make compelling short videos in minutes.

You can create professional videos without any video editing experience. Start with a video template, then add your own video footage or choose from the thousands of stock videos, and add audio and transition effect.

Create high-quality videos using a simple drag-and-drop video editor. Plus, you’ll never pay for another photo subscription with access to Canva's entire library of stock photography, videos, and more.

Background Remover

From social media to e-commerce, the visual impact is everything. But even with the perfect shot, backgrounds can be distracting. Fortunately, Canva Pro makes the once-tricky process of background removal super simple—just one click, and any product, headshot, or logo can stand out and shine.

Upload your own image or choose from Canva Pro’s unlimited access to millions of photos, then simply click on ‘Background Remover’ in the Effects section. Like magic, the background will disappear to highlight products or create layers in a design. Plus, the image eraser makes it easy to remove specific areas of an image.

With one click you can instantly remove a photo’s background, without the need for tricky eraser tools or having to tirelessly erase edges. Now any image can be on-brand. Simply remove the background and place the image over your brand colors or add text in your brand font.

Instant Animation

Whip up a motion potion with Canva's animation creator. With Canva Pro, you can easily add Instant Animation to social posts, presentations, or anywhere else you need to make a stunning visual impression. Simply click once to animate, then download it as a GIF or video format.

It’s all about making visuals pop, or in this case, making visuals bounce, slide, fade, block, and more. Choose from 14 premium animation styles that will add motion to different parts of your design.

73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media video presence when making a purchasing decision You don’t need to learn animation. With one click, designs spring to life in an instant. And no need for expensive software either. Canva does it all with a choice of animation styles.

Schedule Social

Content Planner helps you take control of your social channels. With Canva you can design stunning social media posts and coordinate them across your platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Invite your team to review, approve and publish content all within the one workspace.

Schedule posts easily across your social platforms. Plan your content for those optimal times days, weeks, or months ahead. Need to pause a post? You have the control to pause and edit a post without having to re-upload the file. Share your Content Planner with your team and keep everyone across your publishing schedule.

Track impressions, clicks, likes, and comments with social media performance analytics in Content Planner. Click on any published post within your planner, tap on insights and see how your posts performed.

Invite your team

Whether in the same location or spread across the globe, Canva gets all your team on the same page. It’s super easy for everyone to work on one design and collaborate in real-time, adding comments or feedback.

Create everything your business needs from internal communications, such as documents and presentations, to professional-quality marketing materials, such as social media posts and reports— all in one place. On top of that, you can maintain consistency across every document or design with Brand Kit, pre-setting all your logos, fonts, and colors. Communicate easily from any place or time zone, and create your best work as a team.

When multiple team members work on the same design, it streamlines the workflow allowing anyone to feedback, tag, share, and resolve edits anytime, anywhere, on any device. You get all the tools you need to maintain your brand, the ability to set individual access permissions. Plus, you can store your reusable assets, projects, or uploads in shareable folders. With thousands of professionally made templates, you can customize and share your designs in a few clicks.


Canva has a curated library with thousands of free templates in various categories from advocacy, business, education, special event, and more.

The extensive library of 400k+ templates, allows you to customize to your needs. Your brand can be applied to presentations, emails, or video templates, plus for social, designs can be automatically resized for different platforms in just one click.

Reusable templates make it easy and efficient for your team to create, with all the tools you need to maintain your brand, accessible to everyone. Plus, multiple people can work on one design or document in real-time, making collaboration super convenient. Branded Templates are great for business.

Image Resizer

You may need a social post, printed flyer, online ad, web banner, email header… the list goes on, and resizing them all will take a whole day. Fortunately, with Canva Pro’s Magic Resize you can save time by creating one design, then magically resizing it with just one click.

Magic Resize takes the guesswork out of resizing designs and documents—the perfect dimensions for each platform are already pre-set. The best part is, that you can resize social media posts without stretching or cutting off images so you look professional with every post.

Forget spending hours guessing dimensions and recreating designs. You can now automatically resize campaign designs for every platform in an instant. One-click resizes saves hours of time.

Brand Kit

Brand Kit allows you to build a brand from scratch or add your existing brand assets, so you can stay on-brand with every design. Once built, your team can access pre-set brand fonts, brand logos, brand colors, and pre-designed templates. From corporate design templates to creative template presentation templates, and more. Brand Kit helps you establish brand consistency across all your collateral.

Uploading your existing or new brand kit couldn't be simpler. Drag and drop your brand logo, brand colors, and even your own fonts to your Brand Kit. Store and share them with your team so they can apply them across all your company's designs. Plus with one click, you can update any design to ensure ongoing consistency.

With Brand Kit, you can create and manage up to 100 separate brands all in one place. Assign and manage your teams to the appropriate Brand Kit for easy updates and brand consistency across your collateral.


Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month, however, if you choose to pay for your Canva Pro subscription on a yearly basis, you'll save 23% on your plan, this means that you'll only have to pay $119.40 per year instead of $155.40 per year.

Canva Pro

Design Anything
60 million+ photos & elements
3000+ fonts or upload your own
Stay on-brand with set and forget brand colors, fonts, and logos
Unlimited folders and 100GB storage for all your designs

$155.40 $119.40

Canva Pro Pros & Cons

Canva Pro: Pros

  • Great designs
  • Many templates
  • Free photos
  • Very intuitive

Canva Pro: Cons

  • Unable to change dimensions of the project once you start
  • Can't combine content for exporting

Canva Pro Review: Verdict

We definitely think Canva Pro is worth your money, that being said, the platform needs some improvement.

With Canva Pro, you'll be able to make a lot of the things you'd usually do on Photoshop and similar software. Canva Pro is extremely intuitive, the design is awesome, it has an incredible library and its features are impressive, on the other hand, there's still room for a lot of improvement and we hope to see Canva add missing features such as customizable filters, adjustments to image properties, adding drop shadows to text, or the ability to change project dimensions after starting the project.

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