BTCEX Halloween Trading Competition

Guide To BTCEX Halloween Trading Competition

Halloween is drawing near, but no tricks this time. BTCEX has launched its Halloween Trading Competition, with an amazing prize pool of 200,000 USDT and dazzling rewards. If you want to join the party, this guide is the one for you.

You may have seen the poster and visited the campaign page. Just in case you haven’t, visit the homepage of BTCEX and click “Trading Competition” on the top bar.

BTCEX Halloween

Registering For The Event

Registration has just begun and will end on Nov 11th so there’s still plenty of time. The earlier you join the competition, the more rewards you get. Don’t forget that to be qualified for the competition, your perpetual net asset must be no less than 100 USDT.

BTCEX Halloween 2

The Dynamic Prize Pool

Next, the dynamic prize pool. The actual prize amount will be determined by the number of participants. As is shown in the progress bar, the more participants joined, the more rewards will be unlocked. Invite your friends to join, help to reach the maximum total prize pool of 200,000 USDT and earn some extra rewards.
BTCEX Prize Pool

The Extra Rewards

Here comes the big gun: the extra rewards you can get. To celebrate this holiday with our users, we prepared three extra bonuses:

  1. Welcome Bonus:

The first 100 newly registered participants who complete their first perpetual transaction will get a 10 USDT bonus;

  1. Invite and Earn:
  • A 200 USDT bonus for the first 20 participants who invite 5 friends
  • If you invite someone and they win, BTCEX will double the prize, and both you and your friend will get the same amount of reward.
  1. Lucky Draw:

APT Tokens Equivalent to 20 USDT

BTCEX Extra Rewards

PNL Calculation Formula

This competition is a PNL based perpetual trading competition. Make sure that you read the PNL calculation formula thoroughly, which tells you how the winners are selected. PNL calculation is fair enough for all participants, who possess different scales of assets.


BTCEX Halloween Trading Competition: Recap

Surely you’ve got a better understanding of the BTCEX Halloween Trading. Click the “Join Now” button, sign up for the competition and treat yourself to a trading Halloween!


Launched in July 2021, BTCEX is a full-category digital asset trading platform. From beginner-friendly copy trading to crypto derivatives such as perpetual contracts, BTCEX has built a comprehensive product line, dedicated to empowering investors to make a better future.

Registered in Seychelles, BTCEX has obtained key licenses in countries like Canada, Lithuania, and Estonia. Now BTCEX has more than 200 employees, with offices located in Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, and Dubai.

BTCEX Halloween 3
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