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    About Bake

    Bake, the retail vertical of Cake Group, emerged in 2019 as a prominent player in the realm of digital assets innovation in Southeast Asia. With its headquarters and registration in Singapore, Bake operates under the overarching mission of leveling the investment playing field, empowering individuals to seize control of their financial destiny through decisive action.

    Since its inception, Bake has been steadfast in its commitment to its core values, leaving no stone unturned to ensure their unwavering adherence. Integrity is held in high regard, with a firm dedication to making ethical decisions that align with the company's best interests and judging individuals based on their merits. Resourcefulness is valued, encouraging the team to seek or create solutions while taking action and iterating along the way.

    Ownership is fostered within Bake's culture, urging employees to be accountable, reliable, and exhibit a mindset akin to that of a business owner. Meritocratic decision-making takes precedence, with data and facts serving as the foundation for arguments and reasoning, prioritizing logical judgment over emotional impulses. Customer obsession remains a driving force, permeating all aspects of the organization's operations, prompting a continuous focus on building, working, and acting with the customer's best interests in mind.

    Within Bake's ecosystem, radical candor is embraced, encouraging over-communication and fostering an environment where feedback is given respectfully and praise is generously bestowed. Passion permeates the fabric of the company, with team members consistently going the extra mile. Their collective efforts are dedicated to constant growth, learning, and improvement, never settling for mediocrity.

    Bake's unwavering dedication to its core values and customer-centric approach has resulted in remarkable achievements. Over 1.3 million retail users from more than 190 countries trust the platform to manage over US$1 billion in customer assets. The company's commitment to its vision and relentless pursuit of excellence has yielded substantial rewards, with close to US$411 million already paid out in rewards to its customers.

    As Bake prepares to embark on its journey towards even greater success, it remains a profitable and cashflow-positive entity, positioned as a private rocket ship poised for take-off. Founded by Dr. Julian Hosp and U-Zyn Chua, Bake brings together a team of innovators from diverse backgrounds and industries, united in their mission to make investing and earning a stable cash flow from cryptocurrencies accessible to all.

    If you'd like to sign up for Bake, you can do so by using our Bake Promo Code or our Bake Referral Link, you can then start inviting your friends to join Bake, and earn rewards when they fulfil certain requirements!

    🎟️ Bake Promo Code  480349
    🎟️ Bake Referral Code  480349
    🏆 Bake Bonus  $30 DFI
    🎁 Refer and Earn  $10 DFI

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    Bake Promo Code
    $10 DFI BONUS
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