Animaker Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Animaker review, we will be examining whether or not Animaker is a worthy video animation software and if its subscription plans are worth your money.

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    Animaker Review

    Background And History

    Animaker emerged from a pivotal realization that echoes the evolving landscape of modern business: the imperative for enterprises to harness their internal wellspring of creativity in order to satisfy the burgeoning appetite for visual marketing.

    In the annals of 2014, the fledgling team piloted a prominent creative studio that catered to corporations spanning the globe, engendering videos that bridged communication gaps. This eclectic team was graced with a spectrum of clientele ranging from corporate behemoths in the Fortune 500 echelons to nascent startups striving for visibility. United by their expertise, these adept professionals wielded Adobe's formidable toolkit to accomplish their artistic endeavors.

    However, the competitive tides surged, mandating the team to generate a surplus of videos for their own content marketing endeavors. Employing Adobe's intricate arsenal in tandem with their in-house connoisseurs was both a protracted endeavor and a resource-intensive affair. In a bid to circumvent these constraints, they ventured into the realm of online tools. The initial prospects appeared tantalizing, but a disheartening reality emerged: the existing toolset failed to meet the bar of expectations. A dearth of expansive animation libraries and an assortment of glitches plagued the landscape.

    In this juncture of enlightenment, the team gleaned a universal affliction endured by businesses at large. While a cornucopia of untapped creativity and knowledge brimmed within organizational confines, the act of translating these inner musings into external visuals posed an arduous challenge. Anchored in his technical acumen, Raghav, the architect behind Animaker, embarked on a mission to furnish an inbound solution—a conduit for crafting premium videos with marked efficiency, temporal economy, and cost-effectiveness.

    Amidst the labyrinthine world where opulent studios leaned heavily on Adobe's virtuosity and virtual tools proffered grandiose promises bereft of substantial delivery, Animaker charted a distinct trajectory. Its mission unfurled as a blueprint to endow every enterprise with an indigenous studio that doesn't devour the lion's share of revenue. Originally germinating as internal creative aides, Animaker's innovations have since burgeoned into a global phenomenon, enveloping a myriad of industries in its transformative wake.


    Animaker stands as a versatile solution tailored to meet a diverse array of video production requirements. Its arsenal of features empowers users across various domains, facilitating tasks such as video creation, crafting GIFs and succinct videos, and real-time video editing.

    Central to Animaker's prowess is its utilization of a robust HTML5 engine, ensuring seamless performance across optimized browsers. This foundation underscores its commitment to delivering a frictionless user experience.

    To catalyze the creative process, Animaker presents a wealth of professionally curated templates, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for video creation. These templates act as catalysts, sparking the imaginative flame essential for video composition.

    The repository of video assets within Animaker's domain is nothing short of extensive. Characterized by its comprehensive collection of animated characters, properties, backgrounds, icons, images, and videos, Animaker furnishes an expansive palette from which creators can draw, enriching their visual narratives.

    Noteworthy is the capability to seamlessly integrate personalized vocalizations. Animaker empowers users to record their own voices within the application, enabling immediate incorporation into their video projects. This feature lends an authentic touch to the audiovisual storytelling experience.

    Further augmenting customization is the provision to import external assets. Whether it's logos, themes, images, mascots, or videos, Animaker facilitates the integration of these elements, allowing users to build their own personalized media repository.

    Amid the spectrum of functionalities, Animaker readily accommodates large file sizes. This is especially pertinent for creators working with high-resolution 4K videos, as Animaker's capacity defies limitations associated with cumbersome file dimensions.

    In a testament to its adaptability, Animaker proffers export capabilities to over 100 social channels, encompassing platforms from YouTube and Facebook to TikTok and Instagram. This feature galvanizes the distribution of videos across diverse audiences, nurturing broader engagement.

    The versatility extends to export formats, as Animaker enables the conversion of projects into GIFs. This flexibility empowers creators to tailor content for varying durations, bolstering their presence on social media platforms.

    For optimal organization, Animaker empowers users to curate their personal workspace. This includes the creation of folders, project naming, asset integration, team collaboration, and effective sorting of shared projects. This emphasis on organization optimizes the workflow, enabling efficient collaboration and project management.

    Security remains paramount in Animaker's framework. The implementation of SSL encryption ensures data confidentiality, guarding against unauthorized access or breaches. Additionally, Animaker bolsters account security through Two-Factor Authentication, providing an added layer of defense beyond passwords alone.

    Furthermore, Animaker addresses enterprise security concerns through Single-Sign-On functionality. This feature permits a solitary user to access an account with a unique ID, preempting unauthorized access attempts.

    Crucially, Animaker redefines collaboration dynamics with its Multi-User Collaboration functionality. This innovation eradicates the need for multiple versions and review histories, empowering creators to brainstorm and craft in tandem, irrespective of physical locations.


    The Character Builder feature within Animaker confers an expansive palette for crafting bespoke characters, fostering creative expression in your videos. Featuring an assortment of more than 15 customizable facial attributes and in excess of 10 slots for accessories, this tool empowers you to meticulously assemble characters that align with your creative vision, infusing your videos with an extra dose of allure.

    Empowering dynamic storytelling, Animaker proffers an extensive repertoire of over 20 facial expressions. This diverse range of emotions enables you to imbue your characters and videos with a lifelike vitality, effectively resonating with your audience's sentiments.

    Revolutionizing the narration process, Animaker introduces Auto Lip-Sync functionality. This groundbreaking feature seamlessly synchronizes character dialogue with voiceovers, sparing you the laborious chore of manually animating lip movements. Animaker's intuitive technology performs the intricate lip-syncing choreography on your behalf, liberating you to focus on more impactful aspects of your video production.

    Recognizing that animators often expend a substantial chunk of their creative endeavors maneuvering objects from one point to another, Animaker introduces an ingenious solution: Smart Move. In a paradigm shift, complex animations are effortlessly orchestrated through a single click of a button. This breakthrough innovation aims to alleviate the painstaking animation process, saving you time and streamlining your efforts.

    With these innovations in tow, Animaker demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the creative journey, alleviating the rigors of technical intricacies, and championing a seamless, intuitive experience for character animation and storytelling.

    Video Editing Suite

    Dive into the realm of live video editing seamlessly with Animaker's comprehensive functionality. The platform facilitates the entire journey, from selecting and uploading videos to wielding editing tools—all consolidated within a singular interface. Notably, Animaker elevates your video output to a realm of pristine visual quality, offering the distinguished hallmark of 4K resolution.

    Ensuring broad accessibility, Animaker equips you with a seamless solution for adding subtitles to your videos. This feature streamlines the process of rendering your videos platform-ready, as subtitles become an integral aspect of reaching diverse audiences across various channels.

    Amplifying your creative toolkit, Animaker introduces effortless video overlay capabilities. With a mere click, you can layer videos with an array of elements—ranging from textual annotations and images to expressive stickers—enabling a harmonious amalgamation of various visual components, all facilitated within Animaker's cohesive ecosystem.

    Your creative imprint finds prominence through Animaker's watermarking feature. The platform endows you with the capacity to seamlessly inscribe your own watermark onto videos and GIFs, an endeavor accomplished with utmost ease and finesse.

    In totality, Animaker streamlines the dynamic landscape of video editing, enveloping tasks like live editing, 4K enhancement, subtitles, overlays, and watermarking within its user-friendly, consolidated environment. This all-inclusive approach translates into an enhanced creative journey, ultimately culminating in videos that seamlessly align with your distinctive vision.

    Stock Media

    An Animaker subscription offers an expansive reservoir, granting you entry to a treasure trove of over 100 million assets. These versatile resources reside within Animaker's library, seamlessly integrated with those sourced from Getty and Giphy. This amalgamation ensures effortless access to a spectrum of options, comprising images, videos, and GIFs, facilitating your quest to pinpoint the quintessential visual elements for your project.

    Adding a harmonious auditory dimension to your creations, Animaker boasts an extensive audio library that resonates with over 100 music tracks and an array of sound effects numbering in the thousands. Notably, this auditory symphony is marked by its royalty-free nature, obviating concerns over legal encumbrances. These auditory assets are primed for instant integration into your projects, bestowing a layer of finesse that elevates the multimedia experience.

    More Features

    Embrace the comprehensive toolkit offered by Animaker, including its ingenious Brand Kit feature. This facet empowers you to centralize your brand's visual identity essentials—ranging from your signature color palette and font selection to logo assets—ensuring effortless access for your creative pursuits.

    With Animaker's Brand Kit, fortify your designs while cultivating a consistent visual language. This repository of brand-specific elements also serves as a pivotal conduit to enforce uniformity across your projects undertaken by diverse teams.

    Forge ahead into the realm of auditory innovation with Animaker Voice—a cutting-edge text-to-speech software. This technological marvel enables the creation of human-like voices, a phenomenon heightened by the staggering array of over 50 voices encompassing more than 25 languages. The capacity for extensive customization empowers you to shape voiceovers to your exact specifications, harnessing the potential to curate auditory narratives that resonate authentically.

    Accelerate your video production endeavors with Animaker Lite—an iteration of Animaker tailored for expedited content creation. While retaining Animaker's foundational capabilities, Animaker Lite streamlines the interface, optimizing it for rapid video generation. In just under 5 minutes, Animaker Lite empowers you to craft engaging videos, making it an invaluable asset for those seeking swift yet impactful content creation.

    These facets collectively encapsulate the essence of Animaker's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and creative empowerment. By intertwining intuitive solutions with robust capabilities, Animaker resonates as a steadfast ally for creators in the pursuit of impactful multimedia endeavors.

    Plans & Pricing

    Animaker offers four different subscription plans including Basic, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

    Below you can check how much each of these plans cost and how much you can save when choosing an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription.

    Animaker Basic

    5 Premium Downloads/mo

    HD quality videos

    Build 5 Custom characters/mo

    10 Premium Asset credits/mo

    50% OFF Yearly Plans

    $20/mo $10/mo
    Animaker Starter

    10 Premium Downloads/mo

    Full HD quality videos

    Build 15 Custom characters/mo

    20 Premium Asset credits/mo

    45% OFF Yearly Plans

    $35/mo $19/mo
    Animaker Pro

    20 Premium Downloads/mo

    2K quality videos

    Build 30 Custom characters/mo

    45 Premium Asset credits/mo

    38% OFF Yearly Plans

    $79/mo $49/mo
    Animaker Enterprise

    Unlimited Downloads

    4K quality videos

    Up to 20 GB Files upload

    Build unlimited characters


    Animaker Pros & Cons

    Animaker: Pros

    • Experienced and trustworthy team
    • Many features
    • Stock media included
    • Intuitive platform
    • Helpful and responsive customer support
    • Renowned customers

    Animaker: Cons

    • Subscription plans could include more features
    • Limited number of downloads

    Animaker Review: Verdict

    Animaker is an innovative and very well structured platform, it is backed by a very strong team of professionals with vast experience in the business who know exactly what a user or client's needs are and how to fulfill them.

    It includes a tone of features including stock assets which is not that common for a platform of this kind.

    Animaker's list of clients is very impressive which attests to its quality and premium service, pricing is very decent, especially if you choose an annual subscription plan.

    That being said, Animaker could include some more features in its subscription plans and raise the number of downloads allowed with each subscription.

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