Animaker Review: Is It Worth It?

Animaker Review

In this Animaker review, we will be examining whether or not Animaker is a worthy video animation software and if its subscription plans are worth your money.

Animaker Review

Background And History

Animaker was born the day its founders realized that every company needs to use its internal creativity to meet the growing demand for visual marketing.

Back in 2014, the team was running a leading creative studio that helped companies across the globe to make videos. The team was lucky enough to have clients from Fortune 500 companies to small startups. The team was composed of highly trained professionals using Adobe tools to get the job done.

Yet, as the competition was rising, the team had to create a lot of videos for its own content marketing. Using Adobe tools and its own in-house professionals was both time-consuming and expensive, so they tried using online tools. While things looked exciting at first, none of the existing tools really performed up to expectations. Most of them lacked large animation libraries while some were even full of bugs.

That is when they realized the exact pain point of every company. Though there is a tremendous source of untapped Creativity and Knowledge inside, when it comes to creating visuals for the outside, there is a huge struggle. Coming from a highly technical background, Raghav, Animaker's Founder was determined to find an inbound solution where anyone can create high-quality videos with less effort, time & cost.

There are millions of companies that get crushed between expensive Studios that depend on Adobe tools and over-promising online tools with all talk and no show! Animaker's mission is to equip every company with an in-house studio that doesn’t eat up all the revenue. What started as internal creative tools, has now become a worldwide movement.


Animaker has awesome features for every video need. Animaker helps in:

  • Video making
  • GIF and short video making
  • Live video editing

Here is an overview of Animaker's features:

  • Powerful HTML5 Engine

Animaker runs on a powerful HTML5 engine which means seamless performance on optimized browsers.

  • Professionally Crafted Templates

Tons of professionally made templates are ready to help give you the creative spark needed to create your video.

  • Video Asset Library

Animaker is home to the largest collection of animated characters, properties, BGs, icons, images, videos, and more.

  • Record your own Voice

Record your own voice inside the application and use it instantly with your video.

  • Import your Assets

Bring in your own logos, themes, images, mascots, videos, and more. Animaker lets you import to create your personalized library.

  • Huge file upload size

Want to upload your 4K video but the file size is too big? No file is too big to handle.

  • 100+ Social Channels to Export

From YouTube & Facebook to TikTok & Instagram, create and share your videos with friends, fans, and family on any and every platform available.

  • GIF Exports

Export your projects not just as videos but as GIFs as well. Create content for any duration and easily rule social media.

  • Curate your personal workspace

Curate your workspace by creating folders, naming your projects, adding your own assets, create teams, sort shared projects, and more.

  • SSL Encryption

All of your data is securely encrypted using SSL encryption to ensure the complete safety of your information.

  • Two Factor Authentication

Ensure the safety of your account with more than just your password. Enable Animaker’s 2-factor authentication to safeguard your account and all of your details.

  • Single-Sign-On

Ensure Enterprise safety by having only a single user sign-on with an ID at any given time. Stops multiple unauthorized sign-ins with a click of the button.

  • Multi-User Collaboration

With Animaker’s seamless Multi-User Collaboration there are no more versions and review history, ideate and create on the go.


  • Character Builder

With over 15 facial features to customize and over 10 accessory slots, build the character you want and spice up your videos.

  • Extensive Facial Expressions

With over 20 facial expressions, Animaker helps to bring your characters & videos to life.

  • Auto Lip-Sync

Add voiceovers to your characters and watch them say it with auto lip-sync. You don’t need to spend time animating the character’s lips. Animaker does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Smart Move

Animators spend nearly 80% of their time animating objects to move from one place to another. And we have decided to save you time and effort. Animate complex animations using Smart Move with just the click of a button.

Video Editing Suite

  • Live Video Editing and 4K Video Quality

Pick, upload and edit videos all in one place. Animaker lets you stand out with pristine 4K quality videos.

  • Subtitle Your Videos

With Animaker, you can easily subtitle your videos to get them ready for every platform.

  • Overlay Videos with a click

Overlay videos with text, images, stickers, and more inside Animaker. All in one place.

  • Watermark Your Content

Easily stamp your signature onto your videos and GIFs with your own watermark.

Stock Media

With your Animaker subscription, you'll have access to over 100 million assets for your use with Animaker's library which is also integrated with those of Getty and Giphy for ease of finding the perfect Image, Video, or GIF for your project.

On top of that, Animaker also has you covered on the sound front with over 100 music tracks and thousands of sound effects in its audio library.

And the best part? They’re royalty-free and ready to use.

More Features

  • Get Kitted with the Animaker Brand Kit

Animaker’s Brand Kit lets you store your brand colors, font, logos, and more for easy access.

Set up your brand kit to supplement your designs and to ensure that your colors are used for your projects by your teams.

  • Animaker Voice: State of the Art Text-to-Speech Software

Create human-like voices with Animaker's text-to-speech converter.

With 50+ voices and over 25 languages supported and tons of customization options, create voiceovers the way you want them to sound.

  • Create a video in under 5 minutes with Animaker Lite

An even simpler version of Animaker that helps you create videos within minutes. Keeping the basic essentials of Animaker intact, Animaker Lite gives you a very easy interface to create videos with.

Plans & Pricing

Animaker offers four different subscription plans including Basic, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

Below you can check how much each of these plans cost and how much you can save when choosing an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription.

Animaker Basic

5 Premium Downloads/mo

HD quality videos

Build 5 Custom characters/mo

10 Premium Asset credits/mo

50% OFF Yearly Plans

$20/mo $10/mo
Animaker Starter

10 Premium Downloads/mo

Full HD quality videos

Build 15 Custom characters/mo

20 Premium Asset credits/mo

45% OFF Yearly Plans

$35/mo $19/mo
Animaker Pro

20 Premium Downloads/mo

2K quality videos

Build 30 Custom characters/mo

45 Premium Asset credits/mo

38% OFF Yearly Plans

$79/mo $49/mo
Animaker Enterprise

Unlimited Downloads

4K quality videos

Up to 20 GB Files upload

Build unlimited characters


Animaker Pros & Cons

Animaker: Pros

  • Experienced and trustworthy team
  • Many features
  • Stock media included
  • Intuitive platform
  • Helpful and responsive customer support
  • Renowned customers

Animaker: Cons

  • Subscription plans could include more features
  • Limited number of downloads

Animaker Review: Verdict

Animaker is an innovative and very well structured platform, it is backed by a very strong team of professionals with vast experience in the business who know exactly what a user or client's needs are and how to fulfill them.

It includes a tone of features including stock assets which is not that common for a platform of this kind.

Animaker's list of clients is very impressive which attests to its quality and premium service, pricing is very decent, especially if you choose an annual subscription plan.

That being said, Animaker could include some more features in its subscription plans and raise the number of downloads allowed with each subscription.

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