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Alamy Promo Code

About Alamy

Alamy sells images, adding over 100,000 new images every day, sourced from photographers and photo agencies in 173 countries. Alamy pays its photographers a higher percentage of the sale than its competitors and it’s easy to get your images online.

Alamy has a bigger, broader, more unique collection than any other library, and every day the team supplies thousands of creative professionals including designers, marketing departments, news desks, and publishers with images produced by the best professional photographers around.

Alamy has one of the best customer services in the industry, Alamy's friendly team of image-buying experts is on hand to help its customers out via email, phone, or live chat wherever they are in the world.

Alamy is easy to work with, they're non-exclusive and they don’t tie their contributors in with long-term contracts. Alamy doesn’t edit their collection either so their contributors can choose what they want to sell.

This leads to a more diverse collection and fewer hoops for Alamy's artists to jump through. But Alamy also believes in a fairer world by giving higher commission splits than its core competitors.

Alamy's ‘100% students’ project supports photography students while they study. Alamy gives students 100% of the money they make from the sale of their images on Alamy.

In a world where millions of images are taken every day, there are still stories that have yet to be told. Alamy's mission is to leave no image unseen.

That’s why Alamy doesn’t believe in editing its photographers. They dictate the market by uploading whatever they want so that Alamy can empower its customers and let them decide what deserves airtime and what doesn’t.

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